The Milwaukee Community Map is a free and amazing tool that uses the power of Google Earth to visualize stories never before experienced by general audiences in one place. 

The data informing these stories is shared by community, public, and private entities. For the first two phases, these stories are curated around the theme of “Water & Community.”

The map is a resource of, for, and by the community. The nonprofit Reflo - Sustainable Water Solutions curates the map. Community stakeholders use and maintain it. We are open to new collaborations.

Explore a taste of the WaterMarks experience in Walker’s Point in the embedded map below.


It's a digital scavenger hunt. All you need to play is a smartphone and a sense of adventure.

Travel to six sites across the city to earn points, explore secret areas, and unlock themed treks. On your journey, hear the real stories of Milwaukee's water citizens. Discover history and green infrastructure hidden in plain sight.

This app is perfect for social adventure dates, friendly competition, school groups, families, tourists, or get-out-of-the-office outings. 

Explore our city. Have fun with your friends. Discover how water connects our past, present, and future.

Click on each Water Story badge above to preview each Site. Download the app and visit each location to experience the Water Story MKE adventure.