Selected Online Press

The Lost River
Tom Bamberger
Milwaukee Magazine
7 March 2007

Little KK River draws national recognition
Doug Hissom
18 April 2007

Kinnickinnic River cleanup funding announced
Michael Timm
Bay View Compass
29 August 2008

Reclaiming the Kinnickinnic River
Jennifer Yauck
Bay View Compass
31 July 2009

KK River to be reengineered
Michael Timm
Bay View Compass
31 October 2009

Sixth Street Bridge public art finalists
Michael Timm
Bay View Compass
15 March 2011

Public art for Sixth Street Bridge
Bay View Compass
1 May 2011

Kinnickinnic River naturalization engineering-project in full swing
Michael Timm
Bay View Compass
1 December 2011

Neighborhood art projects inspire community ownership
Jabril Faraj
Neighborhood News Service
17 September 2015

Discover the KK River Trail
Beth Pickard
Brew City Biker
11 April 2016

Bringing back the creek
Reynaldo Morales
Educational Indigenous Media
12 June 2016

Map: A walk along the Kinnickinnic River
Milwaukee Independent
24 May 2017

Kinnickinnic River corridor revitalized with UWM help
Anthony Mandella
UWM Report
27 March 2018

Greenfield Ave. residents push for positive changes
1 August 2018
Neighborhood News Service
A. Jay Wagner

Kinnickinnic River shedding its concrete lining at Pulaski Park as part of flood-control plan
Don Behm
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
14 November 2018

Artwork representing river deities beautifies parkway along KK River
Sue Vliet
Neighborhood News Service
24 January 2019

Art and restoration on the KK River: The gods are smiling!
Eddee Daniel
A Wealth of Nature
3 April 2019

Art display of river deities reflect immigrant cultures that settled along South Side waterways
Lee Matz
Milwaukee Independent
21 April 2019

Pulaski Park gets major enviornmental and recreation upgrades with Kinnickinnic River restoration
Lee Matz
Milwaukee Independent
23 April 2019